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JSA will be at SacAnime Spring 2021 Swap Meet authenticating autographs. Items autographed onsite are only $10 to authenticate.

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The votes are in and counted. SacAnime’s Winter 2021 Manga Contest entries received over 6000 views. Generous fans donated $200 to the manga creators. This money will be equally split between the non winning entries.

1st Place – Ravensdale by Daniel Lenihan

2nd Place – A Gray Area by Tiffin Brown

3rd Place – Girls can be handsome too! by Athena Cayetano


Voting is now closed for SacAnime’s Winter 2021 Manga Contest. Winners will be announced soon. SacAnime’s Summer 2021 Manga Contest is now open. Entries are due by July 1st 2021.


Voting ends for SacAnime’s Manga Contest on January 31st. The winner will be announced soon afterwards. Thanks to all of the talented creators who entered the contest and everyone who read all of the entries and voted for their favorites.

Read the entries and vote for your favorites.


Welcome to SacAnime’s Winter 2021 Manga Contest. Originally created in 2005, it ran for 10 years before we finally ended it in 2015, mostly due to the rising costs of printing. The ease of digital publishing has made the need to print physical copies almost redundant, leaving the only real expenses to be the prizes and the cost of the online publishing service.

As with SacAnime’s Digital Art Contest, the manga contest gives SacAnime fans the opportunity to show off their creative talent. Please take the time to read the entries and vote for your favorites. SacAnime fans will determine who wins and receives the $600 first prize and exhibitor table at SacAnime Summer 2021. Since there were only 5 entries, we may not be offering a 2nd and 3rd prize, but that actually depends on how many people read the manga entries and vote. The future of the contest also depends on this. If you would like the contest to continue, make sure and tell your friends.

We are now offering the opportunity for fans to show their appreciation to the manga creators for all of their hard work. Donate as little as $1. All donations will be given to the manga creators when the voting ends and the winner is announced.



We will be posting SacAnime’s Winter 2021 Manga Contest Entries soon. SacAnime fans will have the opportunity to vote on their favorites and choose the winner.


Thanks to all the talented artist/writers who entered SacAnime’s Summer 2020 Manga Contest. Thank you to all of the fans who voted and determined the winners of the contest.

1st PlaceDemon Busters by Daniel Lenihan

2nd PlaceRednessid by Kalee Roe

3rd PlaceSynthia by Sage Branum and Roan Branum

Based on the response, we will continue the contest. Entries for SacAnime’s Winter 2021 Manga Contest are due by December 31st. There are a couple of changes, so make sure and check out the rules page if you plan on entering.

Check out the winners and other entries.


Voting for SacAnime’s Summer 2020 Manga Contest ends on Sunday Sept. 13th. You decide the winners. 1st Place is $1000.

Vote for your favorite entries.


Check out the winners and entries for SacAnime’s Summer 2020 Manga Contest.